I woke up in the morning and I didn’t want anything, didn’t do anything, couldn’t do it anyway. Just lay there listening to the blood rush through me and it never made any sense, anything.
Straw House, Straw Dog (Richard Siken)

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when people look different in their pictures



Famous company logos on non-matching products

I feel so uncomfortable

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Spoil me with loyalty, I can finance my damn self.
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Ever feel like you need to make out with someone?
Deeply, passionately, aggressively.
Until you’re warm from the inside out, you’re face is flushed, your lips are swollen and sore from all the contact and biting. Fingers knotted up in the other ones hair, heart racing. You know, that kind of thing?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful and be attractive to certain people, but it’s also important to recognize that you don’t owe thinness or beauty to anyone. That isn’t your job. It isn’t some rent you pay for being female. You don’t exist for other people’s viewing pleasure. You have so much more to offer the world than how you look.
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